The 10 Best Rain Shower Heads Reviewed!

Best Rain Shower Heads

Someone once said that a good shower can take away almost all of your stress and worries, and rightly so. There is nothing better than having a warm shower after a long day of work. And, with the right showerheads, you can quickly take your showering experience up a notch and enjoy premium comfort. 

According to EPA Gov, your standard showerhead uses up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute? That’s almost 40 gallons of water per 15-20 minutes of shower, per person! On average, a single individual may use up anywhere from 14000-18000 gallons of water per year! You don’t wanna know how much a family, let alone all of America, might need. This is exactly why switching to a rain showerhead is such a good idea!

Rain showerheads can give you a powerful shower with as little as 1 gallons of water per minute! And, investing in a good quality rainshower showerhead has various health benefits. Not only does it help you relieve stress, but it also helps you with muscle relaxation, skin detoxification, and decongestion. All the more reason to purchase a rain shower head! 

But first, let’s look at what exactly we mean by a rain shower head. 

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What Is A Rain Shower Head? Why Use One?

In simple words, Rain showerheads use lower pressure sprinkles and are mounted directly on the top of your head, giving a rain-like feeling. These are a lot more gentle than traditional showerheads and are more efficient during bathing. They are also larger in size, meaning that you get done a lot quicker!

Rain Showerheads are a great option for anyone looking for a gentler, quicker bath experience. Since they are so wide, they also cover your body better and provide greater comfort. 

Quick Summary:

  1. If you’re looking for an all-around rain showerhead that is luxurious and high-quality, you should check out our Premium pick, the DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head.
  2. If you are looking to buy a good rain shower head combo, have a look at the SR SUN RISE Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo.
  3. If you want a large rain showerhead, we recommend the AquaSpa Square Rain Showerhead Combo.
  4. If you do not have a lot of space and want a small rain showerhead, we suggest the SparkPod Shower Head!
  5. If you want to invest in a high-pressure rain shower head, we recommend the 8” High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head Combo!

10 Best Rain Shower Head Products In 2023

Before we get into the details, let’s have a quick look at how each of these products tallies up against one another!

Product Sizes Available (In Inches)Finish/Material Flow (Gallons Per Minute)Button
DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head9Chrome 2.5Check Price
SR SUN RISE Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo10, 12ChromeCheck Price
Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain Showerhead8Chrome 2.5Check Price
Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Showerhead  10Chrome2.5Check Price
SparkPod Shower Head6Chrome/Brushed Nickel 1.8Check Price
8” High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head Combo 8 + 11Chrome/Silver2.5Check Price
Kohler K-22169-G-CP Multifunction Showerhead5.5Chrome/Gold/Bronze/Nickel1.75Check Price
AquaSpa Square Rain Showerhead Combo 9Chrome2.5Check Price
NearMoon High Flow Square ShowerHead8Chrome 2.5Check Price
ShowerMaxx Round High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head6Brass/Chrome/Bronze/Nickel Check Price

Now that we have that out of the way, Let’s get into the reviews! 

1. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head


  • 9” Rainshower/ hand-held combo
  • Push-button Flow control 
  • Easy, no-tools installation 
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

Our top recommendation for today, and our Premium pick, is the Ultra-Luxury 9” showerhead by Dreamspa! 

This one has it all! It lets you control the water flow with its push-button technology. It is wide enough to give a very comfortable water flow. And, it comes with an extra handheld shower attachment! 

What we love best about this product is its shoulder-to-shoulder water flow technology. This rain showerhead is the perfect width for your quick showers, as well as when you want to have a long, thorough shower! 

Users especially love just how easy it is to install. Just like what the manufacturer promised, you need no tools to install this showerhead! It comes with a suction cup that makes the installation pretty easy. You can just stick it to a tiled/flat wall and it holds up pretty well too!

If there is one thing they can improve on, it is one of the materials of the handheld showerhead. While it has a good metal-ish finish, it is made up of lower-quality plastic. Some users did notice that it tends to loosen up and leak after a few years. 


  • It has just the perfect water pressure for a comfortable bath. 
  • The suction cup that comes along with the showerhead is really sturdy and works great.
  • The push-button water flow provides a very gentle water flow that is perfect for those who do not like aggressive showerheads. 


  • Some users believe that the plastic handheld shower could have been of better quality and sturdy build. 

What makes this the best choice for you? 

This rain showerhead by Dreamspa is perfect for those of you looking for a budget-friendly yet luxurious shower experience! 

2. SR SUN RISE Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo


  • Comes in two size options- 10 inches and 12 inches!
  • Wall-mounted, and includes a hand-held faucet
  • Ten-layer polished chrome finish that prevents corrosion
  • 10 years warranty!

The SR Sun Rise bathroom rain mixer combo is our top recommendation for today, in the category of the best rain shower head combos! It won’t be a stretch to say that this product is a whole shower system in itself! 

If you ask us, the best part about this combo is that it comes with a 10 years warranty. No matter what quality issue you’re having, their customer support will always guide you and help you out. What’s more, they can even permanently replace the shower cartridge free of charge! 

Talking about the showerhead, you get two options. And even the smaller showerhead (10 inches in size) is big enough for everyday use! It uses high-pressure valves so that you get consistent water flow, even under low water pressure! And, its all-new technology ensures that there are no sudden pressure changes, thus avoiding any risks of scalding or burning!

What our experts did notice, though, is that this showerhead does require a well-ventilated bathroom. If you have a fully closed bathroom, the steam collected from your shower every day may risk corroding the showerhead. 


  • It comes with a 10-year warranty! If you have any problems with leakage or quality, you can contact the seller and get it fixed.
  • It is very luxurious, and very modern in design and build.
  • The showerhead features a 10-layer chrome finish that makes it rust-free and free of corrosion.


  • Although it claims to be rust-free, users noticed that it does tend to corrode if used in closed-off spaces. If your bathroom does not have a window, you might want to leave the door open for some ventilation post-shower.

What makes this the best choice for you?

The SR SUN RISE showerhead is a multi-function showerhead combo that is very budget-friendly and great for many occasions! 

3. Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rain Showerhead


  • Comes in 4 attractive finish types- Gold, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome!
  • Features a self-pressurizing Moen shower technology that consistently regulated the water pressure
  • No-hassle installation
  • Temperature control easy-switch

Our next product on today’s list is the Moen Velocity Two-Function rain showerhead! While this one is not a showerhead combo, it does feature two sprays that offer full coverage and a comfortable shower! 

The most impressive part of this product is its Immersion technology, which ensures consistent water flow irrespective of your house’s water pressure! The Velocity showerhead is larger than average showerheads, therefore offering full coverage and a satisfying shower. 

One user did notice that this showerhead tends to clog up real quick. And soaking it does not help because you cannot dismember the parts and clean them individually. 

What does help, though, is to regularly clean/soak your showerhead. You can simply do this once every six months and it will work wonders in increasing the longevity of your showerhead, and prevent clogging!


  • It offers full coverage. Seriously, they were not kidding when they claimed this. 
  • Due to its versatile design and shape, it is very convenient and easy to use.
  • Thanks to its self-pressurizing technology, it really does offer a super powerful yet gentle rinse. No matter your water pressure, you won’t have to worry about it with the Moen Velocity showerhead!


  • This showerhead tends to clog up over time if you do not maintain it regularly. The key to avoiding this is to clean and soak it in vinegar every six months. 

What makes this the best choice for you?

The Velocity showerhead by Moen is a solid product for those looking for a high-pressure shower head that can adapt well even to low water levels! 

4. Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Showerhead  


  • 9” showerhead with Chrome finish
  • Comes with a RainAir spray mode
  • Features a QuickClean anti-calcification function that makes cleaning the showerhead super easy! 
  • AirPower technology that gives a more gentle shower pressure

Our next product on the list is a rather high-end one – the Hansgrohe Raindance showerhead! But, what makes this product special is its ultra-luxury features and technologies! 

First, what we love best about this product is its RainAir spray mode. This mode makes use of air and water droplets and creates a very realistic rain-like experience. You won’t feel a hard stream of water on your head. Instead, you will be covered with soft, gentle droplets of water that let you have a comfortable bath!

Secondly, this showerhead also has a QuickClean feature! While most showers tend to clog up over time due to their metallic nozzles, the Hansgrohe Raindance features silicone nozzles that are super easy to clean! We came across hundreds of users who have been using this showerhead for years without encountering any clogging!

One thing that you should know is that this shower does not have a high flow rate. This means that while it does give a very accurate rain-like experience, it can feel too soft for people who are used to regular showerheads. 


  • It is ridiculously easy to clean and does not clog up as much as the average showerhead does.
  • It is very gentle and soft on your body, you almost feel like you are standing under the rain. 
  • Its AirPower technology softens the water droplets and releases them with air, giving a very gentle effect. 


  • It may feel too soft to people who are used to regular, powerful showerheads. If you are someone who needs both a rain showerhead and a powerful flow rate, you may want to surf for other options!

What makes this the best choice for you?

It is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking for a soft, gentle rain shower head that will make them feel like they’re standing under the rain!

5. SparkPod Shower Head


  • A 6-inch showerhead
  • High-pressure rain-like experience
  • Easy, no-tools-required installation 
  • Equipped with a 1-year free replacement warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee!

Our next product by SparkPod is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the rain shower experience within your small apartment bathroom. 

The problem with most rain showerheads these days is that they all tend to be very large in size and diameter. And while size plays an important role in the overall experience, you don’t have to compromise on the entire experience if you have a smaller space in the bathroom. What’s more, this showerhead is also equipped with high-pressure shower valves for the perfect bathing experience!

This SparkPod showerhead is made with 90 easy-to-clean rubber jets that ensure that you get a pleasant and comfortable shower experience. They control the water pressure so that it’s not too hard on your skin, yet keeps the water at sufficiently high pressure! 

What people love most about this product is that it is extremely low maintenance! The rubber jet sprinklers are specially designed to keep away any hard water deposits. And, if you wanna clean them, you will simply need to work around the rubber jets and soak them in vinegar like you normally would.

The one thing that they can improve on is the Teflon tape that comes with the packaging. While it is useful to some extent, it takes a lot more effort than you would think it would. 


  • Despite being made up of plastic, it is pretty durable and long-lasting.
  • Brilliant water pressure! Despite its small diameter (and irrespective of your house’s water pressure), this showerhead perfectly controls the water pressure of your shower, making it just right! 
  • For such a high water pressure, it saves you a lot on electricity and water bills! With a 1.8 GPM of water flow, it is perfect for your home!


  • While it is durable, it is generally good to buy a metal showerhead. They’re more economic and last longer than plastic. 
  • The Teflon tape provided for an installation could have been of better quality.

What makes this the best choice for you?

This showerhead is perfect for anyone looking to experience the rainshower effect in a limited bathroom space!

6. 8” High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head Combo 


  • 8” shoulder-to-shoulder square showerhead
  • Comes with an 11” hose and a 4.5-inch hand-held shower
  • Features 5 spray modes for a luxurious experience
  • Comes with full-customer support and return/replacement in case of any defects.

This 8” High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head Combo by AILUKI is our top pick for today in the category of the ‘best high-pressure showerhead’! It features a large 8-inch showerhead that gives full water coverage while you’re having a bath, and it also features a small hand-held shower! 

What we love most about this showerhead is that it comes with 5 spray modes – Power rain, power mist, rain mist, pulsating massage, and rain massage. What’s more, each of these modes uses varying levels of water pressure to help relieve stress and relax! 

Users love the fact that it comes with a 3-way patented water diverter. What this means is that you can not only choose to use the two showerheads separately but you can also use them both at the same time! It is also ridiculously easy to install and doesn’t leak at all!

One thing to keep in mind with this particular unit is that the main showerhead only ever sticks to flat walls and ceilings, not on textured or brick surfaces. It would be a bummer for you if you bought it for textured wall surfaces! 


  • It is very easy to install and does not leak after installation!
  • Comes with a thread sealing tape that ensures minimum leakage and a sturdy installation. 
  • It has a 3-way water diverter that lets you use both the showerheads simultaneously! 
  • It offers 5 spray settings that are great to have a relaxing shower! 


  • While it is excellent overall, it does not hold well on textured walls or uneven surfaces. 

What makes this the best choice for you?

If you’re looking for a rain shower head with high-pressure water flow and more spray mode options, this one is for you!

7. Kohler K-22169-G-CP Multifunction Showerhead


  • Available in 6 attractive color/Finish options!
  • Multi-function, 3-spray showerhead
  • Available in the 5.5-inch showerhead.
  • Comes with a 1.75 GPM water flow.

Our next product by Kohler is a 5.5-inch showerhead that is perfect for small, compact apartment bathrooms! But, what makes this showerhead better than other compact showerheads is that it comes with a solid 1.75 GPM of water pressure! 

What this means for you is that you can enjoy a comfortable shower that feels just like actual rain, in a very limited space too! Since it features 3 spray modes, you get to enjoy your showers at your desired water pressure just at the switch of a knob!

What’s more, it is extremely easy to install! While the Kohler Multifunction showerhead is available in 6 options, all of these come with a rust-free, anti-corrosion finish. You won’t have to worry about your showerhead for years to come! 


  • Excellent shower pressure, it is ideal for a medium to low water flow setting.
  • It features a water flow of 1.75 GPM, so you’re not utilizing too much water but you’re also having a comfortable shower experience! 
  • It is very easy to install and requires no external help. 
  • Also, it is leakproof and therefore more long-lasting (and rust-free) in the long run!


  • This particular showerhead can feel too small for a regular sized bathroom. It’s 5.5 inch showerhead attachment does not offer full coverage. If you have space to spare in your bathroom, you may want to opt for a bigger one.

What makes this the best choice for you?

This rain showerhead by Kohler is perfect for anyone who is looking for medium-low water flow with a great water pressure, and with a compact design! 

8. AquaSpa Square Rain Showerhead Combo 


  • An impressive 9-inch showerhead available in a combo!
  • Available in a Chrome finish that is anti-corrosion and rust-free
  • Contains 121 rubber jets for a superior water pressure
  • Features a limited lifetime warranty with live customer support!

Our next product for today is best suited for those of you who are looking for a wide angled, large showerhead that will provide full-coverage and maximum relaxation! 

Equipped with over 121 rubber jets, it manages to control just the right level of water pressure for a comfortable yet stress-relieving bath. These jets are also equipped with rub-clean nozzles, meaning that they are super easy to clean every once in a while!

What most users love about this showerhead is that it perfectly fits inside a large shower room, as well as a compact shower room! Contrary to a regular showerhead, this rain showerhead gives a no-mess experience and offers full coverage! 

But, for a 2.5 GPM of water pressure, it feels softer than most others in its category. It still offers a great water flow, and fantastic water pressure, but not as much as other 2.5 GPM showerheads do! 


  • It is great for a moderately sized bathroom. But, it also works well with smaller shower spaces without making a mess!
  • It is very easy to install, and it comes with an installation manual for all the assistance you will need!
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and live customer support! Users are very impressed by just how efficient their customer support and guidance is!


  • The water flow on this showerhead can feel too soft for some. Although it has a great water pressure, it feels a lot less than 2.5 GPM!

What makes this the best choice for you?

This rain showerhead is perfect for anyone looking for a moderate water flow and a substantial water pressure, with a shoulder-to-shoulder coverage!

9. NearMoon High Flow Square ShowerHead


  • Available in an 8-inch shower head
  • Available in three options – Nickel, Chrome, and Bronze.
  • Exceptionally flow, particularly in low water pressure

What makes the NearMoon High Flow Showerhead one of our top recommendations is its carefully designed, thin-plating showerhead. This design was made keeping in mind the right water flow needed for a good rain effect. 

Its ultra-thin design was invented to optimize the water pressure and increase it even under high pressure. What this does is, irrespective of the kind of water pressure you have at your house, it will make sure you get a stable and consistent water output! 

What’s more, It also comes with an adjustable bathing angle, which is a feature that is very useful when you want to adjust the showerhead according to your preferences! With over 100 water jets, you get a comfortable and stress-relieving shower every time!


  • It has a great water flow and it somehow feels very soft and gentle, yet very powerful at the same time!
  • Users love having the option to adjust the angle of the showerhead whenever they wish to!
  • It is super easy to clean, and its rust-proof metal ensures that it stays sturdy in the long run!


  • Despite having a water pressure that is advertised as ‘high’, users believe that it is not as powerful as it claims to be. While it does have a substantial water pressure, it cannot be called a ‘high-pressure’ showerhead. 

What makes this the best choice for you?

It is ideal for someone looking for a moderate water pressure within a reasonable price range!

10. ShowerMaxx Round High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head


  • A 6-inch wall-mounted showerhead
  • Comes in 4 finish options- brass, nickel, bronze, and chrome.
  • Comes with a pre-installed flow restrictor that allows soft, gentle water to fall on your head.

Our final product for today is the ShowerMaxx High-pressure rainfall showerhead that is available in a 6-inch model with 4 finishing options to choose from!

The reason this product made it onto our list today is its heat-resistant, rust-free constructions. We have users using this particular model for more than 10 years without any problems whatsoever! 

This showerhead also comes with an in-built flow restrictor thatturns hard water into soft, rain-like droplets. Despite having a high-pressure water pressure, it has a relatively lower water flow. Meaning that it uses a lot less water than others in its range! 

This rain showerhead is also special because it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So, no matter whatever problems you encounter, you can always contact them for support!


  • It provides high, consistent pressure even in houses with lower water pressure!
  • It is very sturdy and durable. It comes in a high-quality construction that is rust-free.
  • It is BPA-free and environment friendly! Its water flow is adjusted in a way that it uses less water for a higher pressure! 


  • Users noticed that this showerhead tends to clog up pretty quickly if not used in a well-ventilated area. 

What makes this the best choice for you?

It is ideal for anyone looking for a moderately priced, long-lasting showerhead!

What to Look for in a Rain Shower Head: Buying Guide

Now that you have all the best products in the market in front of you, how do you choose? What are the factors to consider while buying a rain shower head? Let’s have a brief look at our buying guide!

  1. Size and Shape

One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a rain showerhead is the size of the main shower and your shower room. Rain showerheads are available in many sizes varying from 5 inch to 12 inch. Some are even available in giant sizes of 14 and 15 inches! They are also available in both circular and square shapes. Based on the space available to you, your preferences, and your comfort, you can make a choice! 

  1. Installation 

The installation type of your showerhead plays an important part in your purchasing decision. They are available in two types.

  • Wall-Mounted – Wall mounted rain showerheads are, as the name suggests, installed to the walls or the tiles of the shower room. These are easier to install and need no plumbers or extra help.
  • Ceiling-Mounted – Ceiling mounted rain showerheads are connected to the water plumbing in the ceiling. If you are installing a ceiling-mounted showerhead for the first time, you will need to fit in some extra pipelines in your ceiling before installation. 
  1. Finish and Material 

While the styles and finish of your rain showerhead is a material and subjective matter, you may still want to have a look! Rain showerheads are available in a variety of finish types, like Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze, rose gold, silver, and brushed brass. Choose one that suits your bathroom! 

  1. Water Pressure

Most rain shower heads have a water pressure ranging anywhere from extremely low, to powerfully high. Typically, rain showerheads do not tend to have a very high water pressure. But, there are rain showerheads specifically designed to provide a rainshower effect and a high pressure too! Remember that the larger your shower head the less water pressure you are most likely to get!

  1. Other Spray Settings And Attachments

Rain showerheads come with a lot of additional features that are worth considering! Some feature a mist-like effect and multiple spray mode settings, while others are equipped with an easy-clean nozzle structure that is hassle-free! 


Do rain shower heads use more water?

In general, no. Unless you are using a showerhead with a higher water flow, they do not use more water on their own.

What is the point of a rain shower head?

A rain shower head is specially designed to give a rain-like effect to your shower. Regular showerheads tend to be very powerful and hard, rain showers are a lot more soft on your skin.

Do rain shower heads work with low water pressure?

Since rain shower heads usually use a very low water pressure by default, they seem to work well even under a low water flow. 

How far above your head should a rain shower be?

As a rule, your showerhead should be at least 1 feet above the height of the tallest person in your house. Or, 84 inches from the shower floor is a good general rule to follow. 

Final Thoughts 

Everyone deserves a good, peaceful shower at the end of a long day. And that is precisely the reason behind the rising trend of rain showerheads in the past few years.

With so many available options in the market, it can sometimes be intimidating to make a choice. But, we hope our blog helped you get closer to a buying decision! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us below!


AquaSpa Rain Showerhead
AquaSpa Rain Showerhead

AquaSpa Rain Showerhead

Our top writer’s pick for today is the AquaSpa square rain showerhead combo! And, the reason it earns this title is very simple- it is suitable for all kinds of bathrooms, big and small! 

This showerhead is incredibly adaptable  to all of your shower preferences. It comes in a 9-inch showerhead option, with 2.5 GPM of water pressure. You also get many spray mode options that can be alternatively used for low, medium, or high water pressure. Also, it does not cut a hole in your pocket. Talk about a deal!