12 Best Tap And Die Set in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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  1. GearWrench 82812 Tap And Die Set 
  2. Neiko 00916A Tap & Die Set
  3. Efficere 40-Piece Tap And Die Set

People who love to do some DIYs will always want to have a good tap and die set to ensure proper threading and cutting while making your own creations in your backyard.

One advantage of having a basic tap and die set is that you don’t need to rush to the hardware store every time something needs to be fixed. These sets are capable enough to help you with household repairs.

But don’t settle for anything less than the best. These tools have to be durable and reliable. Otherwise, your repair will just need another repair later on. Keep scrolling to see what brands you should buy for your auto repair jobs and home repairs.

Quick Summary

This is a short brief of some of the best tap and die sets that you are going to see in our list that follows. The overview does not include all the products and therefore you should not miss our list of the 12 best tap and die sets to understand better about these products.

  • When you buy such a set of tools that are needed for DIYs, house repairs, and any other mechanic work, you want something that lasts long without any serious wear and tear. The tap and die set by GearWrench 82812 serves that purpose. Not only it is a durable set but one of the most versatile sets with 114 pieces of various sizes. GearWrench features on our list 3 times and it is one of the most well-known brands among tools.
  • If you are looking for a professional-grade tap and die set then you should look at the likes of the Neiko 00916A and the Efficere 40-piece. These sets have fewer pieces and are more organized sets which are useful for professional workers.
  • The tap and die set from ABN Metric has very strong and sturdy pieces made of hardened metal and they can easily cut through cast iron, steel, and aluminum. You should definitely consider this set for heavy-duty work.
  • If you are a beginner with these tap and die sets then you should go with the TEKTON 7559. It has just 39 pieces which makes it easier for new people to try and understand how they work. It comes in a metric measurement system which is perfect for beginners.

What Makes an Ideal Tap and Die Set

You need to have a few things cleared out in your mind before you go on to make a decision of buying the best tap and die set according to your use. Here are those important things to keep eyes on:

1. Material

The highest quality of the material is always a great asset to have in your tap and die set. You will be using these tools several times, drop them here and there, or go hard on some of your endeavors, therefore you need material that will serve you long term. Stainless steel is the most common material used in these sets, just make sure it is genuine.

2. Sizes

The sizes of tools in your tap and die set totally depend on your usage of that set. Make sure you have all the tools in accurate size according to your need. Usually larger sets provide you that variety of different sizes in comparison to the smaller ones.

Here is the list of 12 Best Tap And Die Sets:

ProductMaterialPiece CountMeasurement TypeButton
GearWrench 82812 Tap And Die SetSteel114SAE & MetricCheck Price on Amazon
Check Our Review
Neiko 00916A Tap & Die SetTitanium45 SAECheck Price on Amazon
Check Our Review
Efficere 40-Piece Tap And Die SetAlloy Steel40InchCheck Price on Amazon
IRWIN Tap And Die SetAlloy Steel117MetricCheck Price on Amazon
GearWrench 3887 Tap And Die SetSteel75SAE & MetricCheck Price on Amazon
TEKTON 7559 Tap And Die SetAlloy Steel39MetricCheck Price on Amazon
Irwin 26376 Tap And Die SetCarbon Steel76SAE & MetricCheck Price on Amazon
ABN Metric And SAE Tap And Die KitMetal60MetricCheck Price on Amazon
Neiko 00912A Tap And Die SetAlloy Steel40MetricCheck Price on Amazon
Irwin Hanson Tap And Die SetSteel Alloy117SAE & MetricCheck Price on Amazon
GearWrench 3886 Tap And Die SetSteel40MetricCheck Price on Amazon
Muzerdo Tap And Die SetCarbon Steel86InchCheck Price on Amazon

The 12 Best Tap and Die Sets for You

1. GearWrench 82812 Tap And Die Set

The GearWrench 82812 is a durable and versatile kit because owners can use these tools easily on any nuts or bolts. A typical sales strategy that other companies do is that they advertise a high number of pieces per kit without thinking of the ratio. On the other hand, GearWrench gives importance to the proper distribution of parts and accessories by including 48 sets (114 pieces in total) of taps and dies and many more.

The toolset also includes T-wrenches, which allow owners to work in small, tight spaces. This advantage is because of the wrenches’ 5-degree ratcheting arc. All taps and dies are of carbon steel. As mentioned earlier, this material is one of the strongest in the market, and it ensures the longevity of the equipment’s life span. Because of the plug-and-taper feature, they are making it easier for you to switch gears according to your preference.

This a perfect set if you have multiple needs from using it in your daily household fixes, making some cool stuff in your garage, or be it some heavy-duty professional work for your clients, it all can be done with this tap and die set. One of the users commented on this set as a “buy it and forget it” asset because you are all set for the long run with this product.


  • The equipment is of carbon steel, making it reliable and lasts long.
  • The tools have an equal ratio.
  • These tools are very easy to use in general and you will get along with each piece as you keep using the set.


  • The case is a bit underwhelming in terms of the material used.

Why this product?

The GearWrench 82812 is the perfect set of tools for both beginners and professionals alike. Thanks to the versatility of the equipment, anyone can start threading like a pro. If you’re looking for an all-around convenient set, then this best tap and die set product is for you!

2. Neiko 00916A Tap & Die Set

Thanks to its titanium material, the Neiko tap and die set is a well-made set of equipment that has very minimal chances of developing rust. The collection has both UNC and UNF taps and dies (ten pieces each) alongside T-handle tap wrenches, screwdrivers, and thread pitch gauges.

This set has a very premium-looking finish to it which is not seen in most of its competitors. The steel and gold color makes it look even more beautiful. This set definitely deserves more numbers based on just the look and feel of it.

Overall, previous buyers see this particular set as durable and easy to bring the product. The titanium material makes way for clean cuts, which makes threading quicker. Also, the versatility in taps and dies allows users to do multiple tasks.


  • Each piece has an engraving of its size to avoid confusion.
  • There are many sizes to choose from in a very well-organized placement in the case.
  • One of the most affordable picks on this list.
  • The very premium material used lasts long without any serious damage.


  • The number of plugs on this set is not enough.

Why this product?

Both well-made and of high quality, the Neiko 00916A makes organizing tools more bearable for everyone. The items have engravings on each one, and these materials are sure to last for a long time. If you want to get your money’s worth, then this product should be at the top of your list.

3. Efficere 40-Piece Tap And Die Set

Based on the tap and die set reviews, the Efficere tap and die set has a total of 40 pieces that, when used, shows amazing cutting results. Using a CNC machine, the manufacturers of the Efficere tap and die set subject the tools to heat (60 HRC) to be able to produce rock-hard and robust products. The tapered tap designs make it possible for users to have both fine and coarse settings as well as rethread holes and bolts.

Manufacturers made sure to produce the best tap and die set that endures all harsh environments and bumps by using a grade GCr15 bearing steel. The storage case is of robust and durable plastic that, overall, protects the entirety of the set. Each mold holds the tool in place as well. If you’re looking for a cheap yet high-quality product, then the Efficere tap and die set is for you.


  • The case is high-quality, made of durable plastic, and can hold all tools in place.
  • Taps and dies are unique and carefully selected.
  • Materials are of Grade GCr15 bearing steel construction, which makes it stand out among others.


  • This tap and die set lacks the metric system of conversion.

Why this product?

If you always make sure to produce clean cuts when threading, then this product is for you. The Efficere kit lets users achieve the best results thanks to its robust materials as well as the very affordable price.

4. IRWIN Tap And Die Set

The IRWIN tap and die set has a total of 117 pieces that’ full of different tools such as tap wrenches, screw extracts, and many more. All these are of carbon steel that the company assures are of high quality. The product also boasts specifications that cover specific tasks such as hand threading.

This tap and die set is not only just versatile with a variety of pieces but also one of the top durable tap and die sets on the list. All the pieces are made from the best alloy steel which stays in shape for a long time.

To ensure that the customers get their money’s worth, the manufacturers made sure to include all the essential threading and hand threading equipment in this set. This feature helps the brand become more noticeable to potential consumers.


  • The ratio of the tools is equal therefore you can expect it to work accurately.
  • The material is of reliable carbon steel, making it stronger and durable.
  • The case of this set is made from a high-quality material which keeps the pieces safe from external damages.
  • The product includes the complete toolset for threading tasks.


  • Some dies have some sort of shine on the surface which is quite unusual.

Why this product?

It is a complete threading expert, this product by IRWIN is widely used and recognized by people working with it for professional needs. 

5. GearWrench 3887 Tap And Die Set

The GearWrench 3887 is a variant of the editor’s choice, the GearWrench 82812. Since this tap and die set is sort of a smaller version, it has fewer tools but with the same parts. The product boasts of the same features as the GearWrench 82812, which includes the well-known 5 degree ratchets that make it easier to work in narrower areas. 

The kit consists of a plug tap and a taper tap that allows users to have a variety of tools to choose from and use. Another feature that makes the GearWrench 3887 a favorite among consumers is the affordable price plus high-quality materials. Overall, the GearWrench 3887 is a pocket-friendly product with outstanding performance.

GearWrench is one of the top brands that feature on this well-reviewed list and it is used by many experts who do threading professionally. Therefore you can definitely trust this tap and die set to work well for you.


  • This set includes a very good array of rachets which are made from extremely good material.
  • Additional plug and taper taps are good to have as a backup.
  • One of the most affordable sets to provide such good quality.


  • There are fewer items, which means that you have a reduced selection of parts.

Why this product?

If you enjoyed the GearWrench 82812, then you’ll surely love its “smaller brother,” the GearWrench 3887, which has all the necessary tools that you need. The fewer pieces shouldn’t stop you from purchasing this set because this product equips the user with essentials.

6. TEKTON 7559 Tap And Die Set

The manufacturers of the TEKTON 7559 tap and die set made sure to give their customers the most convenient and bearable experience by including both metric and inch measurements. The kit contains a total of 39 pieces consisting of 17 taps alongside 17 dies. There are also additional accessories inside, which include a dies stock, a gauge for thread pitches, a ⅛ inch flathead, and a T handle tap wrench.

The material of the tools makes it durable and perfect to work on different types of metals such as brass, casting iron, and bronze. Users may also work on aluminum and alloy. Overall, the company also offers excellent customer service to entertain any concerns.

This one is a very good set for beginners who won’t be confused by a lot of pieces and also it is a great choice to gift people.


  • There are both inches and metric system conversions.
  • The tools can cut different materials and metals very smoothly.
  • The user can choose from different taps and dies. It can be fine or coarse types.


  • Handles on these tools and taps are a little weaker when handling.

Why this product?

If you’re a person who wants to see the necessary measurements in both systems (metric and inches), then this best tap and die set will surely be your favorite. Gone are the days wherein you needed to manually convert the tools’ measurements because the TEKTON 7559 set makes everything more bearable.

7. Irwin 26376 Tap And Die Set

Compared to other brands that choose to focus on threading tasks, the manufacturers of the Irwin 26376 aim to please customers who engage in car work and machinery tasks. The product is also perfect for household work. The kit itself makes it easy for the user to store it anywhere without hassle.

The pieces are made from top-notch quality carbon steel which is very much required when working with automobiles and other heavy machinery.

The tools are of steel, which makes them long-lasting and robust. Overall, the product gives the owner an easier time working because it already has metric and fractional conversions.


  • The case itself is high-quality and durable plastic which keeps all the tools safe and sound,
  • The setup is significant and can accommodate all the tools in well-organized slots based on their purpose.
  • The materials used to make the product are high carbon steel.


  • The case might sustain damage if dropped. It must be handled properly to avoid this.

Why this product?

Aside from threading, many choose to focus on auto or machinery tasks, and if you’re one of the machinery experts, choose a set of tools that are of steel and other robust materials! The Irwin 26376 makes every purchase worthwhile.

8. ABN Metric And SAE Tap And Die Kit

The ABN Standard tap and die kit have a total of 60 tools inside that consist of reliable, durable tools that can last for many years. The case is also of high-quality material, making the kit heavy-duty and protected from scratches and damage. Unlike other products, the ABN tap and die set doesn’t have products that easily bend and break from wear and tear, all thanks to the carefully curated procedures.

The pieces from this tap and die set are probably the toughest than any other set on the list. This set is made to be used in heavy-duty work which involves cutting through tough metals. You can expect this set to be with you for a long time if you do not let them rust.


  • The product works well against any other type of metal and goes through them easily.
  • The cuts made by the tools are 100% accurate and therefore ideal for professional use.
  • There is a wide range of materials that are good enough for any expert.


  • The handles on some of the pieces don’t feel as sturdy as the body.

Why this product?

It’s normal to want a product that won’t quickly wear down, which is why you should buy the ABN best tap and die set. The product boasts of unbreakable and unbendable equipment, even when the item is under a lot of pressure and wear and tear.

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9. Neiko 00912A Tap And Die Set

The Neiko 00912A has a total of 40 pieces inside the kit. Although that number seems a bit low compared to other sets, the price of the product makes up for it. Because of its cheapness, the Neiko 00912A gives consumers more parts per dollar compared to its competitors’ tap and die sets. This product is the best choice for starters and newbies who want to have a high-quality item but also won’t feel bad when some tools get lost. Also, the Neiko 00912A is an excellent tap and die set to use for rethreading bolts.

This is one of the smallest sets on this list and it also makes it a well-organized set for all the beginners who have just started to work with these tools.


  • The kit is very convenient and lightweight to carry around.
  • This kit is definitely a great choice for first-timers who aren’t well versed with tap and die sets.
  • It Lets users rethread smoothly with perfect handling.


  • It only has metric system conversions and it can be difficult to use for some people.

Why this product?

The Neiko 00912A is every budgeter’s dream come true because of the affordable price and high-quality items. This set is easy to handle and organize, and it also comes out as the cheapest among other brands. Take note that 40 pieces of tools are more than enough for the product’s price. For one dollar, you have one or more items, which is a better deal compared to other expensive brands.

10. Irwin Hanson Tap And Die Set

With the Irwin Hanson tap and die set, customers have a lot of choices because there are different numbers of pieces to choose from and use. You can choose from 12 pieces up to 117 overall. Also, users can choose between conversions: fractional, metric, or both. For you to experience the best product service, it would be best to select the 117-piece kit because of the full range of pieces and sizes.

Inside the case, there are 16 metric taps and dies, six machine taps and dies, two pipe taps and dies, and ten SAE taps and dies. The rest consists of a screwdriver, 2-in-1 wrench, the handles, a small set for screw extraction, and a drill bit set.


  • The 117-item product is the perfect kit for the professional craftsman.
  • The equipment is durable and, at the same time, fit for intricate, delicate tasks.
  • Includes both metric and standard tap and dies.
  • Adjustable handles make working more comfortable.


  • The handles tend to loosen up a bit over time and might need to be replaced time and again.

Why this product?

Consumers will almost always want to buy products that suit their preferences and needs. The Irwin Hanson tap and die kit gives you all the variety you need in terms of equipment. The product offers many tools with different sizes and designs so that the overall experience is 100% better.

11. GearWrench 3886 Tap And Die Set

This product has a total of 40 pieces inside the best tap and dies set, and it includes 1 T-wrench and many adapters. Similar to other variants of this brand, the GearWrench 3886 also has a 5-degree ratcheting arc that allows users to work quickly and efficiently by eliminating the need for hand-over-hand turning. 

The plug and taper taps inside the case are of high quality and are easy to use. Also, the wrenches included have two sizes you can choose from: medium and large. A lifetime warranty also exists. Owners can now enjoy a hassle-free, convenient working experience overall.


  • The case is durable and it has proper slots for all pieces.
  • Carbon steel equipment that is strong and sturdy.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and therefore this set is a good long-term investment.


  • It only has the metric system of measurement.

Why this product?

This product is for customers who have already purchased the GearWrench 82812, which is the editor’s choice. You’ll have access to the same set of tools that include all the necessities to get the job done.

12. Muzerdo Tap And Die Set

The Muzerdo tap and die set has both titanium and chromium as a coating for its tools. This combo coating makes each item resistant to corrosion, durable, secure, and able to endure degradants over time. Also, the tungsten steel makes it reliable all the more, allowing the user to make beautiful, clean cuts on various occasions. 

Overall, the Muzerdo set is the perfect kit for first-timers. Because of the finest metals used to make each item as well as the simplicity of the equipment, users surely get high-quality results.


  • Each item is made for heavy-duty work and they don’t corrode easily.
  • There are strong and durable items that can resist mild to moderate damage.
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals.


  • Holders are somewhat flimsy because of the plastic material.

Why this product?

If you want a new twist to the materials used to make the tools, then it’s time to purchase the Muzerdo tap and die set. Aside from steel, the manufacturers used titanium and chromium. It’s no brainer that both of these materials ensure that the products are 100% durable and robust!

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying a Tap and Die Set?

Look for these features and you’re sure to get one that’s worth your money. 

1. Accessories

The entire set must be durable, and you have to make sure that you have a T handle and a tap wrench.

2. Wrench

A set with a wrench is nice to have. Otherwise, you need to buy this. Decent wrenches can fit in most taps.

3. Variation in sizes

A decent tap and die set should have a variety of sizes. So that you can use it for different applications. Make sure that your kit has at least the generic sizes, otherwise, it’s going to be of no use.

4. Material

Tap and die tools must be made of high-quality steel. Buying an inferior set that has more parts doesn’t make any sense. It won’t last long and you’ll need to buy a replacement. It’s better to buy a high-quality tap and die set even if it has lesser parts as long as it has the basic ones. You can add on tools over time.

5. Tap variety

A decent tap and die set should have at least these 3 basic taps-taper tap, the second tap, and the plug tap.

6. Metrics

If the conversion is not your thing, look for tap die sets that have both SAE and metric systems. Not all sets are equipped with both.

7. Case quality

A case keeps all the parts organized and safe. So you might want to ensure that the case is made of durable material.

8. Warranty

Never buy a kit that does not offer at least a decent warranty. This is one way of ensuring that you’re getting your money’s worth.

9. Budget

Whilst you have to choose a brand that’s within your budget, don’t settle for cheap ones. It’s better to buy a high-quality set that has a smaller quantity than a large flimsy set.

10. Carry cases

Carry cases must be durable enough to endure a bit of wear and tear. They must be tough enough to take a bit of abuse. In addition, it should also be easy to open yet secure enough.

11. Threading

The thread must be straight and it also has to be clean. As for the wrenches, it should be durable and should not fall apart after several uses. The bolts and nuts must also be solid.

Types of Taps and Dies

Taps and dies are used to create screw threads. And there are different types of tap and dies. And each one is suitable for a particular application. Let’s see what these are. 

Basic Type of taps

  • Taper tap

These are tapered from the bottom up to the sixth thread. And these are used for initiating a thread.

  • Second tap

This tap earned its name with its function. It’s used to deepen the hole created by the taper tap.

  • Plug tap

This produces neat finishes and is not tapered.

Other types of tap

  • Hand tap

These are universal and general-purpose taps that can be used in most applications. It has been used for hand tapping or production operations. 

  • Spiral fluted tap

This tap earned its name because of its spiral flutes. This is useful in burrowing chips out of a hole. It can also bridge a gap inside a hole, such as a cross hole or keyway.

  • Spiral point tip

It’s a bit similar to the standard hand tap. Except that the first three threads have a predetermined angle relative to the tap’s axis angle.

  • Thread forming tap

These taps can be flueless, but they can also have one or more lubrication lubes. This tap is chipless and does not cut. Thus, it supplies the tapping of blind bottom holes.

  • Interrupted thread tap

It’s ideal for non-ferrous metals and carbon steel. 

  • Pipe tap

Pipe taps can come in as straight or tapered. This type of tap can be used for a wide range of pipe connections.

  • Acme thread tap

These are workhouses of all the taps. It’s designed to be used for mechanisms that lift heavy loads such as jacks, presses, and valves.

  • Combined drill and tap

These are used to drill a tap in one pass only. 

  • Nut tap

A nut tap is used for tapping nuts with a long thread length.

Types of die

  • Circular dies

These are used for cutting smaller thread types. Alternatively, they are used for cutting full threads with a single operation.

  • Die nut

A die nut is used for sharpening an existing thread. Unlike the other types, it’s not used for cutting. 

  • Two-piece adjustable dies

These are used for making longer threads.

Why Do You Need a Tap and Die Set

Tap and die sets are essential kits you can use for car repairs, fixing clocks, and a lot of repair jobs. Having the basic set is helpful, especially if you are in a garage or repair business.

But even if you are not, it comes in handy when you need to do a DIY repair on something.


Can you use a tap and die set on wood?

There is a specific tap and die that can be used on wood. Make sure you get that one because a steel tap and die will not work on wood.

What is the best material for a tap and die set?

High-speed steel is the best material for a tap and die set. But cobalt and titanium may also be used for stainless steel equipment.

Are tungsten taps and dies any good?

Yes, tungsten steel is good for everyday applications.

How do I get a screw out that has no head?

Drill a hole larger than the screw. Then stop when it’s big enough and use an easy out tool to pop it out.


If you’re a DIYer, the best tap and die sets will come in very handy. Instead of calling a professional for repair, you can do it right in your own garage. You have to have the basic tools for a number of applications and repairs. And a tap and die set is one of them.


Irwin 26376

Irwin 26376

The top picks on this list are based more on their attributes and numbers in their performance but it doesn’t always make the best pick. We have picked the Irwin 26376 as our recommendation based on user experience and compatibility with everyday activities.

The set is well organized with just 75 pieces and therefore it is a good choice for beginners as well as professional workers.

The set provides measurement options of SAE and metric and it comes in a very solid case. So if you are too confused with lots of options, go with this product and you won’t regret it.