10 Best Window Insulation Kit in 2023

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Best Window Insulation Kit

Winter is incredibly beautiful. It covers everything like a plush white blanket and provides a scenic panorama. However, you know how harsh winter weather can also be, especially for your home. With that, it is your best interest to keep your family safe from the jarring outdoor temperatures it brings. With the best window insulation kit, you can surely keep your house warm

To help you out, we’ve collated the top window insulation kits to make your home comfy from the cold weather. This tool prevents your home from losing heat and maintain relaxing hot weather inside your home. Never treat keeping your home warm as a splendor but rather a need for your home. You should always be getting the best window kit for your home.

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Quick Summary

This is a quick overview of some of the Best Window Insulation Kit brands that we have on our list. We have mentioned a few brands that are well acknowledged by the critics and users based on their functionality and usage. For a detailed review of all our ten picks, head to our 10 Best Window Insulation Kit list.

BrandSize# of piecesColorButton
Duck Brand Indoor 10 62 x 420″3Crystal clearCheck Price
Frost King Window Kit 42” x 62”9ClearCheck Price
Gila Heat Control Platinum36”x 151platinumCheck Price
Duck MAX Strength Window Kit62”x 126”3TransparentCheck Price
2.3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit 5.16 ‘ x 17.5’5ClearCheck Price
Duck 281068 5 Window Insulation Kit62” x 200”5TransparentCheck Price
Duck Window insulation kit84” x 120”1ClearCheck Price
Frost King Vinyl Sheeting-Packaged Rolls44” x 18’1ClearCheck Price
Evelots Window Insulation Kit42” x 62”5ClearCheck Price
MAGZO Window Insulation Kit39” x 86”2TransparentCheck Price

10 Best Window Insulation Kit Reviewed:

Let’s take a look at these following 10 Best Window Kits and decide which might be best for your usages

1. Duck Brand Indoor 10-Window Insulator– Best Overall

This window insulation kit ticks all the boxes in our list. It can save you money on utility bills too. 

Getting the most efficient heating system for your home, sometimes, isn’t enough to keep your home warm throughout the winter season. To boost its efficiency, you must seal your windows with this highly-efficient Duck Indoor Window Insulation Kit.

This best window and door insulation enable you to create another layer between the jarring outdoor temperature and the warm air inside your home. By installing this sheet, you make your window weatherproof, incredibly preventing cold air from entering your home while trapping warm air from sneaking out of your humble abode.

With that amazing heat retention feature, it decreases the energy use of your heating system, saving you much on your electricity bills. Moreover, with its 62 inches by 420 inches size, it can cover a lot of surface area, further boosting the savings you can get from this fantastic product.

If you want to maintain visibility, don’t fret as this is  the best window insulation for that specific need. This sheet is transparent, allowing light to pass through while still blocking the entry of chilly air into your home. 

Installation will be a piece of cake. The kit comes with a high-quality double-sided tape, which means you no longer need to spend money buying other necessities separately. You’ll be able to install this right away with your own hands and to remove it after the winter season also won’t be much of a problem.


  • Easy to Install and remove
  • Comes with high-quality double-sided tape
  • Transparent film for visibility
  • Energy-efficient
  • Great size


  • Tape may not hold up that long

What we think about the product

If it’s your first time using a window installation kit, this film would be the best sheet to window weatherproof your home. This best window insulation kit efficiently provides the essential features without experiencing much hassle installing it – you can make your home cozy right away for the winter season. Also, it’s earth friendly and can increase energy efficiency. So it definitely ticks all the boxes in our list. 

2. Frost King Window Kit– Best for Winter

This window insulation kit can efficiently keep cold air outside. So it’s a must have for the chilly winter season. 

No one wants chilly air sneaking inside their home. No worries as this film boasts an airlock feature. You can be confident that cold will be blocked from the outside while keeping warm air trapped inside, maintaining a constant warm temperature in your home.

Complete with a premium quality film with double-face adhesive metal and reliable insulation tape, this affordable Frost King V73 Window Insulation Kit makes installation more manageable, allowing you to reap the offers it offers in minutes.

Moreover, this film is transparent, making it perfect if you want to keep the natural amount of sunlight your home is typically getting day by day. This reusable window insulation kit allows light to pass through, but it doesn’t retain heat, still keeping an ideal temperature for you and your family. A bonus is that you also get to see the view inside and outside vividly.

Once you get this kit, expect to have an easy installation as this film work on different window borders, such as metal, painted wood, varnished wood, and vinyl clad frames. Plus, this sheet shrinks tights and you can wrinkle-free it using any handheld hair dryer for a crisp finish.

Lastly, big windows aren’t an issue as this film comes in a generous size enough to cover such windows. You get to enjoy the picturesque views of the soft plush snow blankets, while staying cozy knowing that your home is adequately protected from the harsh winter temperature.


  • Easy to install
  • Transparent film, provides a clear view
  • Easy to wrinkle-free using a typical hair dryer
  • Can be used for both summer and winter season
  • Relatively cheaper than other brands


  • Tape is so sticky, it might get tangled during the installation process

What we think about the product

If you’re looking for an affordable brand that does not compromise quality for the price, this window insulation kit is ideal for you. Get to enjoy the array of benefits it offers without having to spend much on the initial cost. Also, this works great for an old single panel window.  Also, there’s a fair amount of tape in the kit. So it can even fit a big window, that’s more savings for you too. 

3. Gila Heat Control Platinum– Best for Hot Summers

This window insulation kit can keep the scorching heat out. And it can  keep your homes cool drung the hot summer season.

Getting a cool and cozy room without turning on your AC is possible through this heat controlling film. Moreover, if you are dreaming of sunny daytime without sweating from the scorching heat of summer, this window insulation film allows you to experience cold noon throughout the summer season. 

Boasting a cutting edge heat blocking technology, the Gila window insulation film is best if you want to protect your home from the jarring outdoor temperatures.

Don’t be surprised as this window insulation film has the capacity to block more than 71% of solar energy. Plus, it is also manufactured to decrease glare by up to 69%, making your home more comfy, without being blinded by intense sun rays.

If you’re worried about your furniture being affected by UV Rays, this window insulation film would be your great partner. It effectively blocks harmful UV rays that make your interior’s texture, look, and color deteriorate. Install this window film and have your furniture always appear as new.

When it comes to privacy, this best window insulation kit also got your back. It features a distinct privacy feature that mirrors the external surroundings. This sheet effectively masks the views when lights are on, giving you your much-needed privacy during the night.

Lastly, you get to enjoy these perks in a breeze and in the long run! You’ll have an easy time installing it. Plus, it’s easy to maintain providing you with all the given benefits over time!


  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Nighttime privacy feature
  • Reduces heat through cutting edge technology
  • Prevents glare


  • Wrinkles on the film are not easy to straighten out

What we think about the product

If you’re looking for an all-in-one insulation kit, the Gila window film is your best. No other brand can compare to heat control it can provide your home. Thus, it can make your homes comfortable even in the hot summers. You’ll also save  on utility bills because you do not need to turn the AC on full blast. 

4. Duck MAX Strength Window Kit– Best for Homes with Pets

If you’re an animal enthusiast who has lots of pets at home, this is what you need.

The sharp claws of your pets can spell disaster and should be one of your considerations when finding the best plastic to cover your windows in winter. 

It’s a great thing that one brand realized this need and produced the highly durable Duck MAX Strength Heavy Duty Insulating Film Window Kit. This is puncture resistant and serves as a stronger option compared to the standard ones in the market. You’ll never have to worry when your dogs get curious and decide to peak on your windows.

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What’s even great is that it comes in 62 inches by 126 inches size, meaning you’ll get to cover a significant amount of window surface area. Ideally, it is enough to insulate three windows with a 3′ by 5′ dimension. If you have more windows to cover, you can purchase several kits without hurting your budget as it comes at a very affordable price.

Additionally, this film is transparent, providing the same view that you get from your window. Don’t fret as it still effectively prevents air leaks and drafts without compromising visibility.

Lastly, this kit comes with a reliable tape, which means all you need to install it is available in the box. You can put in your windows in a few minutes and remove it in a breeze once the winter season is over.


  • Permits visibility
  • Generous size, enough for three windows
  • Affordable
  • Puncture-resistant, perfect for people with pets
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Could have been offered in large sizes

What we think about the product

If you’re a pet-lover who wants to insulate your windows but is afraid that your furry friends would just damage your film, it’s time to end your woes. This highly-durable best window insulation kit is the ideal film for you, keeping your windows safe and maintaining a cozy temperature inside your home.

5. 2.3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit– Best Energy Efficient

Make the most savings on your bills with the most energy efficient windows insulation kit. 

If you want to see a drastic downward change on your electricity, don’t look elsewhere and install the 3M Insulation Kit. It is another excellent film that will surprise you on how efficiently it works – you no longer need to turn your heater or AC one. Thus, allowing you to save a significant amount on your expenses. 

This transparent window insulation film ensures that you get to enjoy the chilly winter inside your home by promoting a constant warm temperature. It allows sunlight to pass through but doesn’t retain too much heat, keeping your home cozy throughout the season and safe from the harsh outdoor breeze.

Installation won’t also be an issue. While other users face problems putting other films on, 3M window insulation sheets are incredibly flexible. You can cut it to your preferred size and install it in a breeze.

If you’re concerned about aesthetics, this window insulation film got your back. You will not encounter wrinkle issues with this window insulation kit as it easily attaches, providing a crisp finish. With that, you’ll never have to worry about your window looking old, broken, and dull.

Topping all these benefits is that this window film boosts the R values up to 90%. If your window has a single-pane system, you can maximize this feature. Solar energy will only happen in minimal amounts, and heat transfer will be blocked.


  • Easy Installation
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Helps you save on electricity costs
  • Provides wrinkle-free view
  • Clear material


  • Film accumulates dirt easily
  • Tape is not of premium quality, doesn’t stick tight

What we think about this product

We have several energy efficient tapes on our list, but this one brings home the bacon. 

While you may see yourself spending money for a different tape for this specific film, it is worth it in the long run. This best window insulation kit is incredibly effective in keeping your house warm during the winter. Just be ready to clean up from time to time – a little sacrifice for its proven efficiency.

6. Duck 281068 5 Window Insulation Kit– Easiest to install

The installation is so much easier compared to the other brands.

Aside from that, it also has a pretty good installation for chilly winter. You can quickly solve the creeping cold air with the Duck 281068 5 Window Insulation Kit.

This reliable film provides the best insulation and reduces your energy costs. It effectively blocks air leaks and drafts and keeps your home warm throughout the season. With that, your heating system will have a more manageable workload, and all you can observe is constant warm temperature.

Moreover, this window insulation kit comes in a complete package. All the necessities, such as the transparent film, and mountain tape comes in the box. It comes in a generous size, allowing you to cover five windows with 3′ by 5′ foot dimension.

Have no hassle setting the sheet to your windows. Installation is pretty basic and easy to follow. Place the plastic sheet on the window glass, secure it with tape and shrink it using a hairdryer. Then, viola! You get to reap the benefits it offers!


  • Helps save on electricity costs
  • Ideal for both summer and winter seasons
  • Easy to install
  • Blocks air leaks and drafts effectively


  • May not be as efficient as advertised

What we think about this product

Keep in mind that turning on the AC or heater are expensive ways to battle the cold winter temperature. Not all are capable of paying hundreds of bucks to pay for huge electricity bills. Choosing this best window insulation kit will allow you to save much on costs and while paying only a small amount for its purchase.

7. Duck Window insulation kit– Best for Large Windows

Large patio doors and windows are huge problems come the winter season. This will solve your problems.

Its surface area may be hard to cover using typical insulation films, forcing you to repeat the process numerous times and costing you more money purchasing several kits at once.

Not all people may know, but the duck window insulation kit made for these types of windows and doors is actually available in the market. The Duck 286218 Extra Large Patio Door Shrink Film Window Insulation Kit ensures that all areas are covered to keep your home warm in the harsh winter.

The kit has a one 84′ by 120′ transparent film and a roll of ½’ by 36′ feet insulation tape, enough to insulate one extra-large window or patio door. Don’t worry about installing it as it is relatively easy to do and works on different surfaces, such as aluminum, vinyl, and varnished wood.

Once installed, the film shrinks and prevents air leaks and drafts, providing a significant boost in energy efficiency and saving you a considerable amount on your electricity costs!


  • Reduces energy costs by insulation large windows and patio doors
  • Transparent film, permits visibility
  • Works on different types of surfaces
  • Effectively blocks air leaks and drafts
  • Maintains constant temperature in your home


  • May require two or more people to install properly

What we think about the product

Cut your electricity bill with this energy-efficient large window and patio door kit. This duck max strength heavy-duty insulating film window kit is a great, easy to install, and affordable solution to keep your home cozy in the winter! Also, this window insulation kit sticks easily to almost any surface. It can cling well to bare wood or any painted surface. 

8. Frost King Vinyl Sheeting-Packaged Rolls– Best Versatile

This window insulation kit works well for all seasons. 

Keeping your home energy-efficient and warm throughout the season is possible through this Frost King V44216/6 Crystal Clear Vinyl Sheeting-Packaged Rolls Insulation Kit.

This best window insulation kit effectively blocks cold air from sneaking in while trapping warm air inside, keeping a constant temperature inside your home. With that, your heating system will not get overworked to cover sudden fluctuations brought by cold air coming in. That way, you can save much on energy costs as your heating systems work smoothly throughout the season.

Moreover, this insulation kit features a transparent film. If you want to keep the same amount of sunlight your home is getting, this is ideal for you. Plus, you get to experience the same unobstructed view you normally get prior to placing the film.

When it comes to installation, it is very easy. Thanks to its reliable tape, you can secure the film properly. For the whole season, you can expect that your insulation will hold up and protect you from the cold temperature. Plus, it shrinks tightly, blocking air leaks and drafts, ensuring that you won’t pay up much on energy costs.

Lastly, a bonus is that this film is incredibly durable and versatile. It can also protect and cover appliances, furniture, an item for storage, and even create greenhouses – you are surely getting more than your money’s worth.


  • Transparent film
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Blocks air leaks and drafts
  • Helps in maintaining a constant temperature


  • May not be as durable as advertised

What we think about the product

If you’re looking for something durable and versatile, this best window insulation kit will do wonders for you. Not only can it insulate your home during the winter season, but you can also use it for a lot of other purposes, maximizing every penny you’ve spent for its purchase.

9. Evelots Window Insulation Kit– Best Durable

This film is highly-durable, it is sturdy enough to cover anything and keep your windows insulated through an extended period of time.

Also, this kit includes one sheet of 60′ by 240′ film and two rolls of double-sided tape, so you can install it directly from the box. Its film its transparent, which means it won’t alter the visibility or the amount of light penetrating through your windows.

The Evelots Window Insulation Kit might be the product that can solve your insulation problems at home in preparation for the winter season. What it promises is that it will help on energy and money.

What it effectively does is provide a layer of insulated air between the sheet and the window, stopping cold air from coming in while keeping the heat in. With that, you no longer have to overwork your heating system, which allows you to cut a chunk out of your electricity bills.

You can be confident that your home will stay cozy throughout the winter season.

Then, have no issues reaping all the given benefits as this is relatively easy to install. If you’re a beginner, this kit comes with thorough instructions for you to ensure that you place it on your windows correctly. 


  • Easy to install
  • It has a generous size that can fit very large windows
  • It efficiently stops chilly air from creeping in, thus it saves you energy


  • Tape may not hold up for a long time

What we think about the product

A durable window insulation film that provides just the basic features, this best window insulation for summer is your best option.

10. MAGZO Window Insulation Kit– Best Multifunctional

This sheet is  very versatile. You can use it on different kinds of windows and doors like a storm door, patio door, entry door, porch screen, and garden screen.

Made out of TPU plastic, the MAGZO Window Insulation Kit, Heavy Duty Window Plastic is specifically-made to endure the harsh winter. You can surely expect it to last and protect your home for a more extended period.

This is a premium quality sealer that is durable and resistant to oil, water, mold, and abrasion. With the given material, this best window insulation kit also features excellent elasticity and recyclability, which means you may opt to reuse it in the next winter seasons.

While it is packed with a lot of features, it doesn’t forget its primary goal of keeping your home warm and cozy during the winter. This window insulation film ensures that cold wind is shut out and no cold drafts would sneak in. Through that, you can save money on heating.

Lastly, have no issues installing it as what you’ll only need to prepare are a pair of scissors and a ruler. Don’t worry about tedious steps as instructions are easy to follow. Should any mishap happen, you can simply remove it and install it back with so much ease!


  • It is very durable and the film is quite thick
  • High elasticity and recyclability
  • It’s easy to remove should you need to. And you can reuse it as well.
  • It’s multifunctional and can be used for other applications


  • Complaints on film being flimsy

What we think about this product

Packed with a lot of features and incredibly versatile, there’s no doubt this window insulation film should be one of your considerations for your purchase.  It has a wide application and can be used on a variety of surfaces. 

Buying Guides: What to Look For in the Best Window Insulation Kit

Same with any purchase, you also need to consider many factors before deciding which is the best window insulation film to buy. You can’t easily tell which one stands out for you without using it. It’s more of a trial-and-error, per se. But, here are the things that will let you distinguish which is the best window insulation that works for you.

Air Lock

Without proper insulation, air will keep changing the temperature inside your home. This is the reason why you need a tape with an airlock feature. Through that, you can prevent cold air from coming in, keep the temperature constant, and save you on energy bills while keeping you comfy in your home.


Before buying window insulation, decide if you want to keep the amount of sunlight your home is getting or if you want to decrease it. If you like the former, then, get a 100% visibility film. If you like the latter, you should choose a lightly-tinted or silver-tinted film.

Easy Installation

Window insulation kits are relatively easy to install. If you read reviews and found that users having a hard time doing so, you must be better off looking for another film.

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Once winter passes, there is no more need to keep the plastic film on your window. What’s great is that there are films that have a reusable feature. Make sure to take advantage of this, so you don’t have to spend money again next winter.

What is A Window Insulation Kit?

A window insulation kit is a cheap solution to keep your house warm during the winter. It traps the air between the window and the film, which creates the insulator air. What’s great is that it still allows sunlight to pass through, while creating a barrier for cold air to keep your home warm.

Types of Window Film Insulation

A common question people usually ask how many types of window insulation films are there. If you are also curious about it, well, there are generally two types of window insulation kits available in the market.

Lightly-Tinted Films

This type of film makes the window from both inside and outside. Majority of people prefer to install lightly-tinted films in their homes.

Silver-Tinted Films

If you are looking to decrease the visibility through your window, your best bet would be getting silver-tinted films. A bonus is that they are more efficient in keeping your house warm compared to lightly-tinted films.

How Does A Window Insulation Kit Work?

While the plastic itself isn’t actually insulation, what makes it actually work is the trapped air between the sheet and window. The gap serves as an insulating layer and adds a seemingly another pane of glass. The air gap’s optimal size is between ¾ to ⅜ of an inch and is useful in keeping your warm and cozy in the winter.

Tips for Window Insulation Kit

Installation Tips for Window Insulation Kit

For a seamless process in installing window insulation kits, see to it to follow these helpful tips.

Clean up thoroughly. Make sure to clean up the windows and panes completely. Use a scrub to make them squeaky clean. Any debris or dust will prevent the tape from sticking effectively in the film and may result for it to fall down.

No skimping on the tape. Be generous and never hold back on the tape. Make sure to cover all sides with them. Leaving any gap will allow air to enter and may pull the film off from the window, especially if the weather gets windy.

Measure your window accurately. Prior to buying your window film or cutting it, see to it to measure your window two to three times. That way, you can be confident that you are getting the correct measurements.

Start from top to bottom. When putting the film, work your way from top to bottom. Apply it downward, while smoothing it as you go. See to it that it’s straight and avoid getting any wrinkles.

Blow-dry it afterwards. Should there be any wrinkle, get a hairdryer and run a ruler through the wrinkle. However, the heat may shrink the film. Just stretch it out to even out the creases.

Benefits of Installing Best Window Film Insulation

Putting window insulation film in your window will let you enjoy winter to the fullest and provides you with a lot of great benefits. Here are the perks of getting your window weatherproof.

  • Sustains heat temperature inside your home.
  • Prevents you from suffering from jarring outdoor cold weather.
  • Save you a significant amount on your electricity bill.
  • You can install it relatively easy.
  • Cover all the air leaks in your windows.
  • You can reuse it every year.


Is it Better to Put Plastic on the Inside or Outside of Windows?

Window insulation film works when it is installed correctly. With that, you must put it inside of the window. Doing so makes an airtight seal between the sheet and the window and prevents condensation from building up. Moreover, you keep the film protected and ensures its longevity.

Putting the film outside panel of the window only makes the sheet vulnerable to weathering elements. The tape that you would use would also tend to get brittle and dry in the cold and may not last survive a few winter storms. Put it inside, and you reduce the risk of it being torn and can allow you to reuse the film for the next winter season.

Will Plastic on Windows Stop the Sweating?

The leading causes of sweating or condensation on windows at home are extra amount of moisture in the air, improper ventilation, poor heating, and inadequate insulation. Sometimes, it can be all of them in an unusual situation. It’s a great thing that you can quickly fix this by turning up the heating, ensuring proper ventilation, and insulating your home.

Window insulation films serve as a cheap, quick and effective solution. These sheets quickly stop the formation of condensation by providing a barrier between the air and the glass.

Does window insulation film really work?

Despite the millions of eyebrows raised regarding the effectiveness of window insulation films. They can actually work and can increase any windows insulation for months. The trapped air between the sheet and the window serves as an insulating layer that blocks cold air from going in.

Moreover, these sheets allow sunlight to pass through which further warms your house. Often overlooked but letting sunlight in is actually beneficial. Any natural source of heat can help carry the load your heating system has to do the entire day. Thus, saving you much on your electricity expenses.

Can Window Film damaged windows?

One of the most common misconceptions about window insulation films is that they damage your windows. This can only be true if the film is not installed correctly. With that, make sure to follow the listed steps above to ensure that you’ll be utilizing the kit successfully and avoid any damage to your windows.

How do I insulate my windows for summer?

Summer is another season to be ready. But, you also don’t need to spend many bucks to get your home. You can install dual-purpose window insulation films or specialized low-emissivity films that decrease solar heat gain. Once you block solar absorption from your windows, you can easily solve insulation problems during the summer.


It may be fascinating to witness winter’s beauty but, you should also be prepared for the chilly cold air it can bring to your home. Make sure to use window insulation films as they are cheaper options in keeping your home cozy and warm throughout the season.

If you’re having a hard time choosing which best window insulation kit among this list you should get, don’t fret as they are all surefire winners. What will be the deciding factor is your actual need. See to it to gauge what you actually require. Consider visibility, size, durability, and other critical features. Once you know what you’re looking for, it would be easier to select the best window insulation film for your home.


Duck Brand Indoor 10
Duck Brand Indoor 10

Duck Brand Indoor 10

The Duck Brand Indoor 10-Window Insulator is our overall choice because it has a little bit of everything that you need in a window insulation. And what we love  is that it’s very efficient in keeping  cold air out and helps maintain constant temperature in your homes. So you’ll feel comfortably warm but not scorched.It’s transparent but it keeps too much glare from coming in.