What to Do if Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Is Not Working

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working

Harbor Breeze fans are very stable and do not wobble. So if you’re on the hunt for a ceiling fan that is solid and steady, Harbor Breeze fans are one of the top picks. Moreover, these fans are easy to install and are quite powerful. 

These are also very convenient and can be controlled via remote. And most models have a built-in light. But even the most premium brand will encounter remote failure once in a while. So if your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is not working, what should you do? Before you call the manufacturer, here are simple troubleshooting tips you can do yourself.

Troubleshooting tips for a Harbor Breeze remote that is not working.

If your ceiling fan has a remote control, it can spell a lot of conveniences. All you need is to push a button on the remote to turn it on or change the speed settings. But since it is a gadget, it can go wrong at some point in its lifetime.

Here are several things that you can do if you find the ceiling fan remote is not working anymore. And most of the other issues are related to the remote of the ceiling fan. So if your harbor breeze remote is not working, here are simple tips.

It’s not turning on

Here are some reasons why your Breeze Harbor ceiling fan isn’t turning on

  • There are no batteries

This is the first thing that you should do. When was the last time you replaced the batteries? More often, the reason why the ceiling fan remote isn’t working is that the batteries are already drained. 

And once you have changed the batteries, press the reset button to restart the fan.

  • Electrical problems

If the remote doesn’t turn on, there is a chance that you have an electrical short within the housing.

  • There was a power surge

If this happens, the memory will be wiped out so what you need to do is resync the remote to its receiver. You can do that by turning off the fan, then reconnect after 30 seconds. Then press the learn button. We will expound on this step later in the article.

  • Interference with another remote

This commonly happens if you have another remote in the room. And you can solve this by changing the dip switch setting.

Slide the dip switch button to turn the power off. Then slide it again to turn it on. Count 30 seconds and press the Learn button to find. This will sync the remote and the fan.

You’ll know it has been synced if the fan light blinks three times.

  • Your remote needs replacement

If all else fails, it means that you have to buy a new remote. 

  • The reversing switch may be off.

You might have forgotten to turn them on, so go check.

  • Loose connections

There are three types of wires on ceiling fans. The black wire runs the fans, the white operates the light and fan, and the green wire is a ground wire. Check for all of these connections. There may be some loose wires if the motor is not working. 

The fans are not moving

  • The reverse switch may not be engaged. 

Push this switch to the right or left side of the remote. 

  • Fuse breaker problems

Check for the fuse breaker if it is blown. Otherwise, if the fuse breaker is intact, the power might not just be turned on.

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What to do if the Harbor Breeze remote works, the  fan turns on  but not light

  • If the fan still runs but the fanlight doesn’t check for the reversing switch. It should not be in-between positions. 
  • You might need to change the bulb. Also, check for the proper bulb wattage. 
  • The light wire pin might not be properly connected to the bracket.

What to do if a loud noise or smoke is coming off when you turn on the fan?

Turn the fan off immediately. Most likely, there is a problem with the motor. In this case, call your manufacturer immediately. 

The light is not turning off

If the remote will not turn off after you have pressed a button, do these. 

One, the buttons might have just got stuck. So you can try loosening the buttons that you press. And check if the light will go off.

Second, you can open the motor compartment to access the rubber buttons. Sometimes, accumulated dirt and dust may cause the key to getting stuck. So you can clean the rubber buttons with a clean cloth and a little alcohol. 

The remote is experiencing synchronization issues

If this is the case, you have to reprogram the remote. It means that it does not have effective communication with the receiver.

What to Do if the Fans Are Getting Really Noisy

Harbor  Breeze ceiling fans aren’t the quietest. But if your fan is producing an annoyingly loud sound, it’s not normal.  

Here are some reasons why your fan is noisy. And we’ll show you how to deal with it.

  1. The fan blades are loose

More often, the connection just needs to be tightened a bit. Check for the screws on the arms and motor.

2. Some of the blades may have a cut

Once that happens, replace the damaged blades asap.

3. The fan is not compatible with the wall control.

4. Insufficient break-in period

Break-in period? Yes, these fans have a break-in period for several days. Maybe the break-in period hasn’t passed yet. If that is so, you need to turn the fan for 24-48 hours straight.

5. The outlet box might not be properly secured

Ensure that the outlet box is connected to the building structure. 

fans wobble

Why do the fans wobble a lot?

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are one of the more stable and wobble-free ceiling fans in the market. So if the blade starts to wobble even a little, this can be an issue. Here are the causes and what you can do.

  1. Check for all the connections. Some screws on the fan might be loose.
  2. Set blades in such a way that they are balanced. Unbalanced fans can cause wobbles. So can switch one blade to another to achieve balance. Otherwise, you may use a balancing kit.
  3.  The fan is set too close to the ceiling. You might consider transferring the ceiling fan to a room with higher clearance or use a longer down rod.

How to Sync Your Remote With the Learn Button

Sometimes, when your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan stopped working, all you have to do is resync your remote to the fan to get things all working again. And here’s how.

  1. First, you have to search for the Learn button. Trust us, you won’t have any problems locating it. It is located at the back cover of the remote. 
  2. However, you have to remove the back cover to reveal the Learn button inside. This button is used to resync the fan to the remote.
  3. Also, ensure to turn off the power of the fan before pressing the Learn button.
  4. Then within 30 seconds of turning off the main power switch, make sure to press the learn button for 30 seconds. You may use a screwdriver or any similar material.
  5. You’ll know the synchronization was successful once the fan light blinks three times. 

How to Resync Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote With Dip Switches

If your fan has a dip switch, there will be a slightly different step in resyncing your remote to your fan

  1. Breeze ceiling fans may or may not have a dip switch. Though the older models will have a dip switch. So before pressing the Learn button, you have to make sure that the dip switch matches the code on the fan.
  2. Then the dip switch setting on the remote should be the same as the ones on the fan.
  3. And if you’re going to use the same remote for the second or the third ceiling fan, you must use different dip switch settings for each fan.
  4. Then you can follow the same steps resyncing by pressing the Learn Button.
  5. Turn the power off at the main breaker. Then look for the Learn or the reset button at the back cover of the remote.
  6. Press the reset button until a light turns on. The ceiling fan should also run to medium.

Installing a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Kit

This kit allows you to use your existing ceiling fan with a Harbor Breeze remote. All you have to do is mount the receiver on the fan. And here’s how.

  1. You will find the colored wires on your ceiling fan canopy. The black powers the light. The blue wire starts the fan and the white wire is the neutral wire.
  2. Ensure to turn off the power before proceeding. It is also advisable to commission an electrician for this job. Or ensure that you have adequate skills in doing DIYs with wires and all.
  3. Check that the power is turned off at the breaker and not just the switch.
  4.  Remove the canopy by removing the screws. This will reveal the ceiling fan wiring. Two white wires connect the electrical box to the ceiling fan. You have to separate these two. Disconnect it from the electrical box by untwisting. 
  5. Do the same thing with the blue and black wires.
  6. You’ll also find a green wire, don’t touch it.
  7. The receiver will have the same colored wirings-blue, white, and black. It will also have labels that will identify the fixture wire, the neural wire, and the motor wire. 
  8. You’ll also see the same set of wires on the receiver’s end. Now, you have to connect these wires to the same cored wires found on the ceiling fan electrical box.
  9. Once you have matched all the wires, place the receiver behind the fan’s bracket.
  10. Screw-in the canopy in place. Then turn the power on to test if it is working.


How do you dim the lights on a Harbor Breeze fan?

Hold down the light button on the remote.

What’s a suitable bulb replacement?

You can use 25-watt max CFL equivalent bulbs for upper lights or 40-watt max or CFL equivalent bulbs for lights under the glass shade

How to clean the blades?

You can use a lint-free cloth. This will prevent incurring scratches on the blades. After cleaning, you can rub the blades with a little bit of furniture polish. This will prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the blade. 

What is a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote app?

It’s an app that you can download. This will allow you to access your regular Breeze ceiling fan via your smartphone. 

What is a Breeze Harbor ceiling fan remote kit?

It is a kit that contains a remote and receiver. You may use it with your ceiling fan. You can mount it on the ceiling fan and it will enable you to control the fan via the remote. But be sure that it works with your current ceiling fan. You can check with the manufacturer for the requirements. 

Can you use the Breeze Harbor ceiling fan remote kit on ceiling fans?

It can be used on ceiling fans that have a receiver. 

Final Say

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is not working, you don’t have to call the manufacturer right away. These troubleshooting tips will help you save time too. And you’ll have your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan up and running again in no time. But make sure that if the process entails working with electrical wires, it’s best to have an electrician do it. Otherwise, you must have basic electrical skills.